Sunday, November 23, 2008

Review: Vincent Price Presents

I just finished this initial offering of Vincent Price Presents from Bluewater Comics, which promises to be an ongoing series. Cutting straight to the chase, I suggest that any horror comic fan should give this a try. This book has some of the best production values I've seen in a horror comic in quite some time with slick pages and full color art throughout. Impressive!

The book contains one story which is framed by a Vincent Price sequence. Joel Robinson is the artist responsible for this Price intro/outro, and I don't know if he achieved his results with computer imaging or straight freehand work, but it is simply beautiful stuff and represents Mr. Price quite accurately. Well done, Joel!

As for the story, "Welcome to the Family of the Night," you should be left satisfied as well. The art by Rey Armenteros is of the murky painting type, which sets a dreamlike tone for this short tale. One just rarely finds such professional looking work in an indy book these days! The writing itself, by Chad Helder, is not bad either. Chad's prose probably could have benefitted the reader with some beefing up via more narrative boxes, but overall one should be able to figure out quickly that vampires have seized control of the government. A very cool concept, and the reader is left with an open ending to leave to their imagination what transpires after the last panel.

Basically, I can't wait for issue # 2 if Bluewater continues to achieve this level of production. I'm looking forward to the success of this series!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Return of the Creature

...also titled "Where did I go?" You may I have noticed the blog went AWOL right before Halloween, of all times. What?!? That's like a Santa Claus blogger stopping just prior to Christmas, isn't it? Unexcusable! He,he...

What ended up happening was that the week before Halloween I packed up the family in a rental van and took off for a secluded cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Very "Evil Dead"-esque. This was the first time I had ever spent Halloween somewhere besides my home state of Ohio, so I was actually a tad nervous as to my ability to fully enjoy All Hallows Eve the ways I'm accustomed to. After all, it is the National Holiday for any horror-head, no?

I'm glad to say the whole thing was quite a fine experience. A couple days before the Big Night, our family carved more Jack O'Lanterns than ever before. We had to set them inside in front of the fireplace or out on the 3-story high back deck so as to not attract roving bears (which we saw plenty of) to our front porch. We had TV's in every room, and when we didn't have to have Dora the Explorer on for our children's sanity, we watched AMC or TCM with their continuous spook reels for our own. We roasted pumpkin seeds, made creepy cookies, and cut up little spooky arts & crafts projects. Our children (both under 3) got dressed up & went room to room for candy, & they loved every minute of it! So did I, it was a blast!

So let me suggest that next year, try mixing up your Halloween routine a bit. Adding something new to your traditions may just make for a more memorable holiday!