Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey Creeps! I've been away for a couple months because I was getting ready for the birth of our second child, daughter Hannah! She's here now, and I'm back, back, back in action!

First up is a delightful offering in graphic novel format titled Strangeways: Murder Moon from Highway 62 Press. Let me say right away that the packaging for this B&W effort is first rate, with quality binding and a slick cover with art by Steve Lieber.

Thankfully, the quality does not stop at the production level. Murder Moon is a western horror, written by Matt Maxwell & illustrated by Luis Guaragna. Maxwell not only does an excellent job with plot & dialgoue, but he nails the historic western feel right on the head from the get-go. I tore through the first 50+ pages in a matter of minutes I was so captivated. Excellent material, Mr. Maxwell!! If you want a balanced mix of werewolves, cowboys, and all around action-suspense, you won't be let down with this one.

The art from Luis was a pleasant surprise. There are a lot of artists working in indy comics who simply are not ready, but Luis is not one of them. His work is not too blocky or cartoonish, and the b&w illos capture a nice creepy vibe. Hats off!

The second section of the novel is a back story to Murder Moon entitled Rale: Lone. Maxwell provides an entertaining and informative ride with this one, which describes the origins of the Silver Branch werewolf. (No, I'm not giving anything away. There's a werewolf on the cover... ) The art for this one is by Gervasio & Jok, and while completely apt, it does not have the heavy inks of Murder Moon which helped provide horror atmosphere.

The book wraps up with a gallery featuring work from Guy Davis, Fabio Moon, and Gabriel Ba. A very good way to end this excellent read. If I were you, I'd go get this one.

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