Monday, June 8, 2009

Review: The Evil Inside # 2

Consider this a "retro" review, as I think this one hit the stands in 2007. Writer/CEO of Approbation Comics Bart Thompson contacted me & wondered if I wouldn't mind giving a belated opinion on this, and of course I'm certainly happy to oblige as I'm partial to indy guys trying to get exposure for their labors of love.

I've reviewed a couple other books from the series, and this one doesn't differ much from the others in format: anthology in b&w. Yippee! I love anthologies. First up is "Identity" with art by Chris Kohler (all stories written by Thompson). Kohler has a nice look to his work, reminds of 1980's Rand Holmes for some reason. Lots of nice detailed linework. The story is decent and flows nicely, but I had the "twist" figured out immediately. I've read a ton of "twist" horror yarns, so I'm pretty good at that if I have to say so myself.

Next is "A Slight Period of Adjustment," which looks like it may have been originally titled "The Apocalypse Jumpstart" from Bart's "Blab Page" at the end of the book. Regardless, art is by Michele Buscalferri and done in a sort of "clean lines" almost cartoonish style. This story does have an original twist which I never picked up on. Nice one, Bart!

Rounding out the issue is "Was He Asking For It?" with art by Alex Massacci. The linework is a good realistic style which lends itself nicely to action sequences. The tale is a neat little "just desserts" moral play, a style that has been tried and true in horror comics since the pre-code era. Good stuff.

I'd ask all you horror heads to check out The Evil Inside series and support indy talent such as this.

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