Monday, January 14, 2008

Review: Coffin Kids # 1

This one is a recent favorite of mine. Billed as a throwback to campy 1980's horror movies and inspired by young teen flicks like Stand by Me and The Goonies, this book revolves around a young boy named Reaper who is living alone and supporting himself as a thief. Reaper's burglar skills are aided by a strange skin disease which prevents him from going into the light, but consequently provides him the ability to "disappear." Things begin to snowball one night when upon breaking into a house, he discovers a coffin in the basement with a young boy tied up inside of it. Towards the end of the issue we are introduced to the orphan Smoke, who is searching for his missing brother who may be the kid Reaper had seen earlier. I won't give away the end of the first issue, suffice to say it is somewhat shocking and leaves the door wide open for the rest of the series. I can't wait for the second issue!

The art and story is by Roslyn T. Amparo, with co-writing and editing credits going to Previn Wong. If you like B&W wash tones, you will like this book. The washes are expertly executed and create a nice atmosphere which suites the storyline. Eerie!

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