Thursday, February 5, 2009

RIP: Lux Interior

"Life is short, and its filled with stuff,
So let me know baby, when you had enough." - Lux Interior

Some of you know that I deal with death every night as a part of my job, so when a "celeb" dies I'm not normally very phased. That wasn't the case when I heard last night of the February 4th passing of Cramps frontman Lux Interior. I was shocked. I even teared up. The Cramps were a formative part of my teenage years during the 1980's, so it felt like a little piece of my past had suddenly been ripped from me.

If you were any sort of "punk" rocker worth your salt in the 80's, you listened to the Cramps & you listened hard. You probably slapped down a 12" vinyl slab of "Gravest Hits" on your turntable after school so you could slither around to "Human Fly" in the seclusion of your bedroom. Maybe you strutted down the halls of your high school draped in your faded yellow "Bad Music for Bad People" shirt. Who knows exactly what you did back then, but if you were a punk, the Cramps had some role somewhere in there.

Those days are gone, and sadly so is Lux. The memories will linger, kinda like the ringing in your ears after listening to some Cramps tunes.

"There's nothin' on the radio when you're dead
There's nothin' at the movie show when you're dead
There's nowhere left for you to go when you're dead..."