Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vincent Price Presents # 2

Anyone who has read this blog should be aware of my praise for the quality of Blue Water Comics production values, so let's get right to the point and give this issue a look, shall we?

Chad Helder continues to be the writer for this book, and this issue features "Orok the Neanderthal." The dialogue in the framing sequences feels a bit flowery, but somehow I can hear VP actually uttering the words in my mind. As for the interior story, there is minimal dialogue and several panels without any text whatsoever. This wouldn't be a problem, except there are times when the flow gets a little murky, leaving the reader to work out what exactly is happening. A few strategically placed narrative boxes would have been appropriate. The end of the tale has a "twist" ending that actually worked pretty well until a couple lines of dialogue make the reader second guess what has just transpired. Sadly, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what happened, and that is too bad because overall the plot was pretty good.

As for the art, you'll find it professional as always. Joel Robinson continues to use a cool technique on the covers and framing sequences which captures the look of VP perfectly. Giovanni Timpano handles the story, and it looks good. No complaints whatsoever in this area. Special mention should go to Jesse Heagy, who does an amazing job on color duties.

Overall: good book. I'm a fan of this title and it is a must for horror anthology buffs and Vincent Price fans alike.

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