Monday, May 18, 2009

Review: Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again!

What a trip! I'm a fan of Ed Wood and his films, so I was a pleasantly surprised to see this title. If you are also a fan of the Plan 9 movie, you'll probably find this issue a treat. Don't expect a dead-on (no pun intended, really.) rehash of the film. As the title clearly states, it is essentially a Bluewater Comics "sequel," for lack of a better term.

Being a Bluewater publication, you are getting top notch production values. Full color, slick paper, et. all. I've said this all before in other reviews, but I may as well restate it for the uninitiated.

Giovanni Timpano does very well on the interior art. I appreciate his craft more each time I see it. He's much better than some of the stuff being put in print these days. I suppose he did the cover also, but I didn't see any cover credits anywhere. Alex Sollazzo is the colorist, and he brings out the proper mood for this story with his work.

Darren Davis & Chad Helder are credited as writers. They basically run with the concept of "what if it happened again" and have fun with it. This time though, it would appear a murky branch of the government is trying to lure the aliens of Eros back to Earth in order to capture technology. Mayhem ensues. We are treated to cameos of all the old familiar Plan 9 characters in one form or another amidst the fast paced chaos. Yes, there's much going on, and you may find the plot slightly askew, in the best of Ed Wood tradition. Personally, I found page four to be worthy of a chuckle and grin, and if you buy this book I'm sure you will, too.

The book ends on such an unusual Woodish-note, that I have no idea if this is intended as a series or a one shot. Either way, it was a fast and fun read.