Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review: Wulf & Batsy # 4

Well, well. Bryan Baugh has struck again. The saga of Wulf & Batsy continues with this issue from Crypt Logic Comics, which contains the second chapter of the "Bizarre Experiments" storyline. Nice cover illo. by Josh Howard, who has something of a decent cult following, but dare I say Baugh's own piece on the back cover is superior?

The illuminated horror fan should appreciate Baugh's razor sharp humor contained in both the dialogue and art. Always a hidden laugh somewhere in here, for those in the know. These characters and Baugh's style have become favorites of mine in a short matter of time, as the material never takes itself too seriously and always provides what a good comic should no matter the genre: entertainment.

Now, if my order from Captain Bloodclot would finally get here...

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