Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bartholomew of the Scissors

First review of 2009!!! Allow me to be blunt & let you know that Bluewater Comics have top rate production values. You will never feel cheated of your cash in the physical materials department with this company if they continue with their high standards of full color & slick paper. All for just $3.99?? A deal!!

Anyway, I'm jumping new into this series with issue #2, never having read the opener. Chad Helder, who has been writing the VINCENT PRICE books, is at the scripting helm for this title as well. This plot appears to have more layers than an onion, and the subject matter should appeal to fans of paranormal phenomena. Frankly speaking, I would suggest picking up the first issue instead of trying to start elsewhere the series like myself, or you may just find yourself very confused at times about what exactly is unfolding. Fortunately, there is an entire page of text, "From the Journals of Gordon Watt," at the back of the book which helps the reader a great deal as to understanding the characters, concepts, and events. This is a meaty, detailed plot. Not your standard light horror fare.

Daniel Crosier is the artist. He has a unique style which periodically reminds me of wood etchings. The coloring is done in almost monotone yellowish hues throughout the book, which is neat but at times makes it very hard to discern what is going on in the panel. I grew used to it by the end, but did find it frustrating a couple times.

Overall, I can't wait to see what happens with this title. Try it out! Go Bluewater!!!



The best thing about the art on this one is that it IS wood etching. Each page done on a plank of wood....

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Thanks for the info!