Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Flesh and Spirit

I've never heard of the Goth-Metal band called Vasaria or its frontman, Baron Misuraca. In fact, I haven't really listened to any "horror rock" since I hung my Misfits fanboy hat up many, many years ago. That said, I can enjoy this comic strictly from the point of view of a horror comic addict, sans outside influences.

The aforementioned Baron Misuraca is responsible for the concept and writing of In Flesh & Spirit, a tale of a 14th century musician -turned- vampire, who finds himself on a quest for redemption in modern New York. I honestly was expecting a cliche filled comic, but I was quite taken by both the Barons prose and plot. Elegant writing! Should Misuraca desire to quit music, I'm certain he'd have no problem getting a new gig as a full-time comic writer.

The cover art is by Alex Horley, and is a beautiful piece of work. See the scan! The interior is B&W on slick paper and rendered by David G. Williams. Really nice work, Williams art takes me back to the heyday of Bronze horror comics. The lines and detail in some of these panels are simply jaw dropping. Sweet!

Anyway, at $3.50 cover price you shouldn't let this pass you by. This book has GREAT promise so far, and I can't wait to see where this title goes!

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