Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frighthouse # 1

Another "overdue review." Randall Wincek is the man resonsible for both the art & stories in this indy offering from Harrowing Productions. A one-man labor of love. This comic is done in b&w interior with color cover by Mr. Wincek, and the paper stock lends itself very well to the b&w medium. Good production values!

The color cover is only slightly indicative of Wincek's style, which I would best describe as "underground" inspired. The art loses a little something with the coloring, as the b&w work on the interior is much more stylish and detailed; using gray tones and washes to eerie effect.

The highlight for me is Randall's storytelling. He has a good command of the short story format (Did I mention this is a 3-story anthology with framing pieces? No? Shame on me...) and pace. His use of a horror host, Mr. Nightly, is witty & hearkens back to all those campy hosts of yesteryear. Randall's plot, narrative, and dialogue are all quite strong and reflect a well versed knowledge of the horror genre. What's icing on the cake is that the storytelling is never too serious, and often has humor in the right places at the correct dosage. Randall may be one of the better writers of this throwback horror style that you probably haven't heard of yet. I wish I had better contact info, but the best I can do is to steer you toward and look him up there. Good luck!

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