Thursday, October 16, 2008

Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft

This 2nd edition of GC:HPL contains 75 additional pages of new material, so even if you have the 1st, you ARE going to want to pick this up. Tom Pomplun's Graphic Classics series, for those not "in the know," is a graphic novel series which adapts stories from one author at a time, in a short story anthology format. High production values make these well worth your money.

So, what can I say about the writing? It's HPL, and it is pretty hard to adapt him poorly. You can't (and won't)go wrong here. "Shadow Over Innsmouth," "Dreams in the Witch-House," "Herbert West: Reanimator," "Cats of Ulthar," "Terrible Old Man," "Shadow Out of Time," and a couple others. Pick your favorite & enjoy. Myself, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling last night as the air finally began to get a good chill to it outside, and I settled in to read "Innsmouth." Good times.

As for artwork, there is something for all tastes within. Everything interior is in b&w, and you are treated from abstract and cartoonish illustration to creepily serious stuff. From Simon Gane to Matt Howarth to some cat named Richard Corben (Ever heard of him? Thought so!) you won't be let down.

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