Friday, October 3, 2008

How Could I Forget My Grandpa!!??

Yesterday I rambled briefly about the roots of my horror comic obsession. Somehow, someway, I completely forgot to mention my first pre-code horror comic! Curses!

I wish I could remember the date precisely, I estimate it was around 1993. My grandfather drove me to a used bookstore on the west side of Hamilton, Ohio. "Pop" had no interest in reading, but he was always more than happy to go to such places with me. I stumbled across a small selection of books that I purchased simply because they "looked old," with no regard to cover or content. They turned out to be a stack of ACG's, all post-code with one exception: Adventures into the Unknown # 30. As I was looking in my Overstreet for info on the book, I began to notice & wonder about the references to this "code." Thus, a pre-code junkie was born.

So thanks, "Pop." I'm sure it was you who humored me as a kid & bought that oversized DC treasury, and that Unexpected #202. Thanks for driving me to grocery stores, used book stores, comic shops, flea markets, and those traveling "antique shows" so that I could scrounge for comic books. Thanks for the great memories.

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