Monday, October 13, 2008

Wulf & Batsy

Here's one from the "insanely overdue" pile. Wulf and Batsy in "We Have No Home," written and illustrated by Bryan Baugh, and published by Chanting Monks Press. The latest print is available from Viper Comics.

Nice cover by Joe Chiodo (does he ever do a bad job? Note: scan is the back cover by Baugh). Inside, we are treated to a full length B&W story. Wulf & Batsy are, for the uninitiated, a werewolf & vampire who are apparently constantly on the move for survival purposes. This story depicts what I imagine would be a typical scenario for them if they are discovered by the locals. Bryan's plot & dialogue are apt & makes for a quick read, but don't expect any lengthy, mind-blowing prose. I don't think there was a single narrative box in the entire book, but inactuality it wasn't needed.

Baugh's art is in somewhat of a cartoonish style, which is not my normal cup of tea as often it indicates an artist who needs lots of developement. However, this is not the case for Bryan, as I find his style quite enjoyable & very well crafted. He makes great use of the b&w medium, providing excellent background detail to set a "horror mood" throughout the book. Lots of nice "surprises" placed in the art here & there for those who are looking, as well. Hat's off to Bryan, one of the few artists to have ever won me over completely with this style.

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