Monday, October 6, 2008

WHY do you like horror comics???

OK, so there I was last night at work, and had just enough free time to read one of the final issues of DC's "Witching Hour." I couldn't help but think as I waded through the thick George Kashdan dialogue/plot of near every story: "This is crap. I could write this. Why the hell am I reading this stuff??!!" Don't get me wrong, the art was great, & I'd like to add that I think DC was superior to Marvel in production quality at the time, but the actual "story" just came across as hack. Still, even though I could figure out where everything was going after the first page of script, I still got some (albeit at times small) sense of gratification from the comic.

So, why do you read/collect horror (especially 1970's DC) comics?? I suppose my final answer is that I love horror in all time periods, and even the most passable plot gives me some sort of inner rush when combined with decent enough artwork. Horror is a combined visual & visceral experience that no other genre can duplicate. - Keith


Karswell said...

I'm pretty much the same... for me it's horror, no matter how major or mundane. If the script is secondary it's no biggy cuz I always look at the art first, but if the story is good too then that's icing on the cake. By the 70's all the good comic book horror tales has pretty much already been told anyway practically.

Mike H said...

I like horror comics because I like horror! I ate up the DC and Warren and Skywald stuff when I was a kid and I've never outgrown it, mercifully.

sfdoomed said...

I love contained stories, especially when there's three or so per issue. I've always loved horror anthologies (and good sci-fi) because I could allow myself to become immersed in them; I could almost believe the fantasy (unlike stories of flying men in tights).

Cool site. Any plans on posting reviews from the zine?